Dragon Awaken Version 1.90 is here
- 2018/12/13 -
Dragon Awaken version 1.90 will be launched on November 20th, 2018. New features are added to Dragon Awaken to provide players with a more exciting game experience. Now let's take a look at them!

Latest Features

Pet Trip

Have you traveled with your pets before? It’s undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Now your pets will travel on their own and get you rewards. You can simply click "Pet Trip" in Land interface  and stay online for awhile to receive rewards. You will receive Gold and even Chests! Each Pet trip takes 2 hours and you can send up to 3 Pets to travel alone.

Feed Pet

We have improved the Pet System in Dragon Awaken. Apart from Pet Trip, we have added a new feature to the Pet System - the Feeding feature. In this feature, players can feed their pets to upgrade and improve their BR.

EXP Fairy

The EXP Fairy will give you extra rewards when you reach specified levels. Players who reach Lv. 40, Lv. 50, Lv. 60 and Lv. 70 will be able to use it to receive EXP.


The Gacha feature has been launched worldwide. And now you can experience it in Dragon Awaken, too! This feature will be unlocked when you reach Lv. 20. There are 5 kinds of Gacha:  Wings Gacha, Mount Gacha, Hero Gacha, Relic Gacha and Fashion Gacha. Players will get one kind of item in each Gacha.

Enchanted Garden

There is an Enchanted Garden in your Lands now. You can roll a dice and receive extra rewards. You will have daily chances. Depending on which square you fall, you will get Gold or activate special effects. You can also visit your friends' gardens for some interactive events.

Deity System

A new system has been added to the Ultimate Level interface. Upgrade your dragon to certain level and you will unlock the corresponding Deity. Furthermore, you can train your Deity to improve your Stats. A special Deity Power will be activated and Stats will be improved when your Deity reaches a certain level. Besides, you will find out more about the story behind every Deity.

Come and enjoy the new version of Dragon Awaken!